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Wednesday, July 06, 2022


The KZN MTB Commission is a volunteer organisation established in terms of the constitution of Cycling KZN, and is a subsidiary of Cycling KZN. Cycling SA reports to the Department of Sport and as such is accountable to the government of South Africa.

The KZN MTB Commission comprises a number of commissioners that strive to administer the sport in the province in a responsible and professional way. Our primary goal is to manage mountain biking in KZN in accordance with the rules and regulations that have been developed over time, while promoting and adding value wherever possible.

The ethos of the Commission is embodied in the slogan: “Sport run by people with passion that promote environmentally sound and socially responsible mountain biking” and the practical working of this can be seen in the continuous improvements that are made every year.

The KZN MTB Commission is legally a “volunteer organisation” which does not make a profit. All revenues collected are used for the management and development of the sport in KZN and to assist rider development. The finances are managed by the elected Treasurer and overseen transparently by the Commission at quarterly meetings. All transactions are processed on an accounting package through an independent bookkeeper and the financials are audited annually by a certified accountant. All records are open to inspection.


Basically everyone involved in Mountain Biking in KZN is a stakeholder. This includes the Dept of Sport and Recreation, UCI, CSA, CKZN, Sponsors, Land Owners, Municipalities, Affiliated organisations (e.g. EMBA), Clubs, Event Organisers, Cycling Shops, Cyclists, Guardians, Spectators, Media (print, radio, TV), Merchandise and Apparel manufacturers.

The network of relationships amongst these stakeholders is managed by the governing bodies, namely CSA, CKZN and KZN MTB, with regional matters resting with the latter. Strategic business thinking is applied in an effort to refine and improve every aspect of the sport. Agreements are drawn up to manage the relationships between parties. Day to day matters are handled by all members of the Commission as part of the process of managing mountain biking in the province.


  • Event Calendar
  • Event Safety & Disciplines (Commissaires)
  • Event Management
  • Trail Management
  • Risk Management (Insurance)
  • High Performance Programme
  • World Cup and World Champs
  • Development Programme
  • Communications
  • Websites
  • Results
  • Discipline
  • Constitutional Matters
  • Race Organiser Interface


The KZN annual MTB calendar is managed and updated by the KZN MTB Commission. Annually, there is an been an intensive co-ordinated project that has spans many months in order to get a calendar structure that attempts to meet the requirements and needs of our various stakeholders

The calendar includes all information necessary stakeholders, such as dates, location, type of event and organisers’ details. 

All races in KZN must be sanctioned by the KZN MTB Commission in terms of the constitution and CSA regulations. Each Event Organiser has to make application (request for sanctioning) to hold an event which is then generally sanctioned with the issuing of a Sanction Certificate. The fees that are charged by KZN MTB are used for a national insurance fund that covers the landowners for 3rd party liability in the amount of up to R15 million on race day. Any event organiser that hosts an event that is not sanctioned would be liable for damages in the event of a rider or landowner suing for damages, hence the importance of the sanctioning.

The fees that are charged by KZN MTB Commission for races vary, depending on the category of race. Generally the race category is determined by the size, nature and importance of the event.

Once the calendar is laid out, just managing it on a day-to-day basis requires a certain amount of dedicated administration resource that is provided by the KZN MTB Commission.


The Commissaires for sanctioned MTB events are provided by the Commission and adhere to the UCI MTB standards and the SA MTB Rules and Regulations, both of these documents are available for viewing on the CSA website.

The KZN MTB Commission currently has more than ten (10) trained officials who are trained under specially facilitated training courses over large event weekends. The KZN MTB Commission ensures that every race that is sanctioned has Commissaires to ensure that the appropriate safety standards and criteria are adhered to.

Commissaires are responsible for upholding rules and regulation on the day of events. They are also invited by the event organisers to ride/walk the course before the race to advise on course markings and to advise on dangerous sections that may have to be changed (or by-passed with chicken runs).

Provincial: XC

The provincial cross country (XC) events are owned and managed by the KZN MTB Commission. These take the form of a series of events with one of them being the  KZN Champs. Thus there are series winners (most points over the series) and KZN Champs (winner of the one-off event).

The event venues are selected to encourage participation with a view to developing the.

SA Cup and SA Championships

The SA Cup Series and SA Championships are owned by CSA, however, the provincial commissions are tasked with hosting the events without funding from CSA. 

The 2019 season will see back to back races taking place over the SA Cup weekend in KZN. This will allow junior and elite riders to earn additional UCI points. 

Seeding System

A seeding system is used to determine which batches participants will race in during the XCO KZN provincial series. Participants will race in age groups for the KZN XCO championships, the SA cup series and the SA championships. 

The ROAG seeding system is used for the majority of marathon events within KZN.


Without access to land, there is no mountain biking and it is a major focus of the KZN MTB Commission to engage land owners at all levels to allow riders to enjoy the wonderful natural forests that we have, while satisfying a lot of legal requirements. .

KZNMTB fully supports landowner’s requirements and we wish to protect their relationship with event organizers, riders and other stakeholders. It is in everyone’s interest to respect the landowner’s decision regarding land access. Riders should not enter any private property without prior approval from the landowner.  In addition, if riders are granted access, it is vital that you respect people working or living on the property and ensure no damage is incurred to any property, and that no litter is left behind.

KZNMTB requests that landowners, event organizers and the general public, report any transgression to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The details of these riders will be passed on to clubs and sponsors, where applicable. CSA licensed riders will be disciplined if caught.


Landowners generally have public liability cover in place as a formality as they want to allow the public to enjoy using their land for riding, while at the same time protecting them from unnecessary publicity following a potential cycling accident on the land.

Event Organisers are covered on race day with the KZN MTB insurance policy and CSA covers up to R25 000 for CSA registered riders.


KZN Mountain Biking’s High Performance program forms part of KZN Cycling’s program. Through an innovative program developed and funded by The KZN Department of Sports and Recreation, KZN Mountain Biking is able to support a number of athletes.

KZN Athletes that have been identified as top performers, as well as those who have future potential are nominated by KZN Mountain Biking. KZN Cycling has ten athletes on this program, with the majority being MTB and specifically XCO focused. The program is delivered by Prime Human Performance Institute, who are based at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. PRIME, has successfully brought together a team of South Africa’s top sport and medical experts to support the KZN Sporting community. At their facilities, our athletes have access to facilities, personnel and methodologies usually only available to professional athletes and elite sportsman, who can afford these services. Through the program, our athletes have access to the following specialist services, Sports Doctors, Sports psychologists, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage, and Dieticians. They have access to a World Class Gym and training facility, with personal trainers who focus on their areas of weakness. Quarterly testing of Power and Endurance on the bike, as well as Core Stability, and Muscular Skeletal elements are reviewed to ensure that the training is correctly focused, and improvements are measured.

KZN Mountain Biking, is proud to be associated with the Elite Athlete Development Program and appreciates the contribution that our KZN Department of Sports and Recreation is making to support our talent.


Cycling KZN, the governing body in the province, has a Development Commission that is dedicated to development of all disciplines (road, track, BMX and MTB).

The KZN Cycling development programme, established in 2017, continues to gain momentum and have successes which is great to see. The programme is structured so as to introduce as many youngsters to the sport as possible through development clinics and training activities on the one hand, and then to take the more talented riders and to put them through additional higher performance schedules so as to allow these kids to become competitive in open competition on the other. In the 2017 / 18 time period, close to 17 000 youngsters went through the programme and the target for 2018/2019 is to see 25 000+ kids getting trained up. The programme is run throughout KZN and there are now district officers doing regular training clinics in all 11 x districts in the province.

Mountain biking is one of the core activities of the programme and more and more talented riders are being unearthed. In fact, at the latest Spur Race there was a squad of 28 x riders from the programme that competed all of whom did exceptionally well and with Aphelele Idabeni getting onto the podium in the girls Sub – Junior category and the new rising star, Kusasehle Ngidi winning the boys Junior category.

School Series

The KZN Spur MTB league caters for both primary and high school scholars. It covers age categories from sub nipper through to junior. The courses are age appropriate and are designed to encourage participants of all skill levels to take part. The high schools category winners, along with the winning high school, go through to the national finals to compete against the other provinces.

The KZN schools commissionaire is a member of the KZNMTB commission.  


The commission maintains the KZNMTB website and an active Facebook page, where news is shared and registered events are advertised. The commission members are available to assist with queries when required.

In KZN, ROAG (Race Organisers Admin Group) is the largest on-line portal that offers on-line entries, race information, seeding and general communications for riders in KZN. Currently there are over 100 000 Riders registered in this database and growing all the time.



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